Today’s ‘Word’ #362 answer: Thursday, June 16

Well, it’s official. I have COVID-19. My daughter tested positive earlier this week and has been in pretty bad shape. I started to feel bad and took the test only to get a negative result. I retested yesterday as I was feeling much worse and it seemed unlikely that we had two separate errors and got the positive result. My son also tested positive later that day so we are all the happiest of happy campers.

Still, it could be worse. It feels like a nasty cold that makes even small tasks like writing this post or my review of by Obi-Wan Kenobi Fifth episode: quite challenging. And yes, I am coughing a lot and the constant headache is not fun. But it’s mostly like a bad cold. I’ve been vaccinated three times and these later strains tend to be much less potent than earlier strains of coronavirus, so it’s lucky to get it later (although I still suspect I had it in early 2020 when I was sick for almost two months).

Ironically, the coronavirus king himself, Dr. Fauci, contracted COVID-19 at the same time I did. I’m calling pranks. It’s a conspiracy theory!

In any case, enough of my trials and tribulations. We are here for Wordle. So let’s take a look at today’s Word, shall we?

Today’s Word #362 Clue and Answer

Spoiler warning!!!!

First, today’s clue: How is a kitchen like a concert hall?

And the answer is . . . .

I admit it, the track was quite difficult today. Perhaps my illness has made me a little less generous, a little more cantankerous. But a apron In fact, it can be found in a kitchen as well as in a concert hall or theater. In a kitchen it is a garment you wear to protect your clothes from flour and tomato sauce etc. In a theater or concert hall, the apron is a section of the stage floor that projects into or into the auditorium.

Of course, there are probably other things you can find in a kitchen and a concert hall. But this is a pretty easy word, so I didn’t want to give it away too easily on the track.

My guesses ended up being pretty good. Viral-that I used in honor of the coronavirus that has me in its clutches at the moment, normally it only narrows down the possible solutions to 143, but this time I lucked out with 29. Arrow narrowed down the remaining possible solutions to just 1, though Wordle Bot kindly informed me to use tempo in this situation it is better 76% of the time. Not this time, bot!

And yes my last guess was the only one left and after some brainstorming and going through the remaining lyrics I found apron pretty fast. Now I’m going to go to bed. Have a beautiful Thursday and stay safe and healthy!

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