Today’s Wordle Response (#360) – Jun 14, 2022

What’s up Wordle friends, today is June 14th and today we have an easy one for you. Pretty much until the last part of today’s answer it’s a simple matter of putting in some pretty predictable letters and arranging them after the fact, so I have the utmost confidence in all of you. Maybe you’ll even get it on the first shot. With that said, I’m here to offer you any help you may need along the way.

Have you tried today’s Wordle? It’s got a lot of vowels, so when you’re throwing out that barrage of guesswork, make sure you keep that in mind. Need help choosing the right words for the job? No problem, we’ve got a handy list of some of the best opening words and tips that should make sure you keep that streak alive or start one with confidence.

Today’s Wordle Response – June 14, 2022

If you want the answer, you can always scroll to the bottom, but I’d like to give you a hint or two to put you on the path to Wordle supremacy.

  • Hint 1: In From Software games, you can kill NPCs, and there are often repercussions for doing so. However, the game does have an “acquittal” mechanic, which forgives the player and cleanses their past transgressions. Another way of saying someone has been acquitted is today’s Wordle.
  • Hint 2: Today’s Wordle is actually a central theme of many games these days, particularly those with morally committed father figures as protagonists. Countless of these characters, like Kratos, seek to make today’s answer as a response to the horrible things they did in their past.

Is it just me or were those tracks a bit heavy? Moving on now, if you don’t have your wordle answer yet, I have it here for you. Today’s word is… atone. While absolution and atonement are not 1:1, people looking for one tend to try the other. Absolution in Dark Souls or Elden Ring is an admittedly simple way to atone for characters they’ve killed. Likewise, no one has as checkered a past as Kratos and that haunts the guy as he moves into life as father to Atreus in the latest God of War games. He seems like he’s trying to atone for the terrible things he did in Greece by trying to be nicer to his son. I guess we’ll see how good a job he does when God of War: Ragnarok comes out. That’s it for today’s Wordle, but be sure to check back tomorrow for more tips and tricks!

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