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Top 10 Crypto YouTube Accounts to Follow

UPDATED: We review and update our findings on the best YouTube channels for crypto in Q2 2022.

As an emerging industry, the crypto industry is moving fast, with new information and technology being developed every other day. While it’s nearly impossible to keep up with every new trend in the industry, it’s essential to know where to get important information. One such source is the online video-sharing platform, YouTube.

YouTube has evolved from its first idea of ​​an online video dating service to a repository of knowledge on almost every subject. Although any random person can upload videos of “experts” on YouTube, the platform is home to some of the brightest minds in crypto.

YouTube is one of the best places to learn about crypto because creators can organize videos in chronological order like playlists, regardless of when they were uploaded. With this feature, YouTubers can create and upload videos for different levels of students in the crypto space, so students can take a step-by-step approach to learning about crypto, NFTs, the metaverse, or blockchain technology.

So, here are our picks for the top 10 YouTube accounts every crypto enthusiast should follow, in no particular order.

1. Altcoin Daily Founded by Aaron and Austin Arnold, Altcoin Daily has one of the largest crypto communities, with over 1.23 million subscribers. This channel has become popular for covering the latest news in the cryptoverse.

Altcoin Daily also features some of the best market analysis, education, insights and opinions on crypto projects, punctuated by occasional interviews with leading members of the crypto community.

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2. Andreas “aantonop” Antonopoulos Andreas is an entertaining educator who makes the most complex crypto concepts seem simple.

Popular in the cryptoverse as one of the long-standing crypto evangelists and apologists, Andreas Antonopoulos uploads videos covering all aspects of the crypto industry, from trends and project reviews, to market analysis and tokens. Andreas is an entertaining educator who makes the most complex crypto concepts seem simple.

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3. Crypto Lark Lark Davis, popularly known as Crypto Lark, is famous for running one of the most sensational crypto YouTube channels. Her course, Cryptocurrency for Beginners by Crypto Lark, is perhaps one of the best online courses for new traders looking into the cryptocurrency space.

The course covers the best ways to buy cryptocurrencies, the basics of and how to set up cryptocurrency wallets, how to build your portfolio, and how to earn interest on your holdings. While the course is intended for beginners, it is extremely useful for anyone who has not yet used cryptocurrencies to their full potential.

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4. Boxmining Michael Gu, the host of Boxmining, has a strong scientific background and has been active in the cryptoverse since 2012. His wealth of experience shows in his ability to clearly explain how different cryptocurrencies work.

If you are looking for a place to research crypto without unnecessary jargon, Boxmining is a great place to start. Additionally, Michael conducts a weekly analysis stream covering the latest news in the crypto and blockchain sectors.

5. Benjamin Cowen Benjamin Cowen has earned a reputation as the best cryptocurrency YouTuber for technical analysis. Cowen is known to focus on the data science behind price movements while offering unbiased views of the crypto markets.

He is known for offering his market analysis devoid of the emotion and enthusiasm of most other investors. Cowen is a highly technical trader who covers analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and occasionally a small set of other altcoins.

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6. Digital Asset News If you want to stay informed about the top cryptocurrency and digital asset news in bite-sized chunks, Digital Asset News is the channel for you.

This channel is packed with top-notch practical knowledge about cryptocurrencies, financial markets, and trading in general.

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7. EllioTrades Crypto EllioTrades Crypto has amassed over 517 thousand subscribers due to its exceptional analysis of Altcoins. This particular creator has become popular for his 10-100x predictions of small market cap cryptocurrencies. This is a channel for high-risk investors looking to invest early in small-cap cryptos with high potential returns.

It has now branched out into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering some of the best shots and tidbits of information on the sector. This is a channel for high-risk investors looking to invest early in small-cap cryptos with high potential returns.

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8. Hashoshi If you are looking for a deep understanding of blockchain projects and how they work, Hashoshi is one of the best YouTube channels to check out.

As a former blockchain developer, Hashoshi does a great job of summarizing the most important aspects of different crypto projects and comparing them with each other.

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9. Ivan on Tech Ivan Liljeqvist, the host of Ivan on Tech, is one of the most well-known faces of crypto on YouTube. Liljeqvist earned his reputation as an international speaker, blockchain educator, software developer, data scientist, and blockchain consultant.

His wealth of experience translates well in his explanations of crypto projects, market trends, and analysis. In addition to featuring other popular faces in the cryptoverse, Liljeqvist occasionally does product reviews.

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10. MMCrypto This is a channel that is perfectly suited for those cryptocurrency traders looking to get top-notch technical analysis. MMCrypto offers fundamental analysis that helps you decide when the time is right to buy and sell, a delight for swing traders.

Active on YouTube since 2017, MMCrypto is well versed in the art of trading, as evidenced by his ability to interpret charts from different points of view and give expert advice.

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The Why You Should Care playlist is one of the most beneficial features for students looking to plant their foot in crypto. All of the YouTube channels featured above have organized playlists that can serve as courses.

YouTube offers one of the best sources of information on the crypto industry. No matter your level of knowledge or interest, there’s a good chance there’s a YouTube channel that meets your requirements. However, always be careful about the authenticity of the information.

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