Top 7 ‘Hot’ Programming Languages ​​of 2022

What is the most important programming language to learn in 2022? That’s an open question, but one way to answer it is to look at the languages ​​that are currently in vogue.

Some of them are well-established coding languages ​​that have been popular for a long time. Others are newer languages which are now entering their heyday. Either way, they are languages ​​worth becoming familiar with.

Here is a summary of what could be said to be the most fashionable programming languages in 2022.

1. python: When talking about popular programming languages ​​in 2022, the list must start with Python. Probably no language is having a better year than Python, which recently slipped to first place become the most popular language of all. It could be argued that Python he doesn’t deserve that statusbut the fact is that he enjoys it.

2. Go: Let’s go (or Golang, as it’s formally known) has long been a “cool” programming language, partly because it has its roots in Google (which is a hotbed of awesomeness, technologically speaking) and partly because it’s fast to write. , fast to compile, and fast to run.

3.APO: Open Policy Agent, or OPA, is not technically a programming language. It is a policy language that allows you to define resources through code. That makes it a hot language, however, in a world increasingly obsessed with doing.all as code.”

4. Fast: If you’re developing something for the Apple world, whether it’s on macOS, iOS, or any other *OS platform, Swift is a language you absolutely need to know today. It’s also a relatively easy language to code, by many accounts.

5.CTurning 50 this year, :C may be old, but it’s still as relevant as ever and remains a hot programming language in 2022. It’s messy, fast, and essential for a wide variety of programming tasks.

6.Java: Arguably it’s hard to get excited about Java, a language that is tedious to code in and whose code is relatively slow. But the fact is that Java was the most popular programming language for years, and tons of stuff is still written in it. Whether you really enjoy coding in Java or not, it’s still a major language as of 2022.

7.JavaScript: JavaScript is not the same as Java, but they are similar in that tons of stuff is also written in JavaScript. If you’re building web applications in particular, JavaScript is probably the most important language to learn today.

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