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Tuesday was a productive day at Tuley’s Takes front office as we wrote the weekly version of this column for Point Spread Weekly to bring readers up to speed on the spring sports we continue to cover (NBA, NHL, MLB and USFL ) as we head into the summer vacation season.

I did mention that we’re taking next week off at PSW, though we’ll continue here on our daily version of “Tuley’s Takes Today” at least until the end of the NHL Stanley Cup Final. We’re happy to bring back the pro hockey and basketball playoffs in the next few days, as we’ve been on a losing streak recently with our best bets. We miss the days when we had NBA and NHL every night and had more games to choose from as we hit over 60 percent from mid-February to mid-May (three full months) with our best plays of the day. Heck, we also had a mini 8-1 ATS streak from May 27 to June 4. We lost our best bet on Tuesday with the +135 Brewers on the Mets as they were shut out 4-0. We also lost our secondary snaps on the Rays to the Yankees (a 2-0 loss) and the Angels (another 2-0 loss). As you can see, we had some good throws from our dogs, but somehow we found three teams that combined for zero runs on the night. Oh! Let’s recap the rest of Tuesday’s betting and welcome hockey to the betting menu as we try to get back on the winning track.

MLB Tuesday recaps: The Braves (-275) beat the Nationals 10-6 on Tuesday night for their 13th straight win as the favorites finished 13-3 with the only upsets coming from the Orioles (+190 in a 6-5 win over the Blue Jays). ), the Marlins (+131 in 11-9 to Phillies) and Reds (+105 in a 5-3 win over Diamondbacks in 12 innings). The home/away teams were split 8-8. Unders went 11-5.

More MLB: The favorites lead 556-354 SU (61.1 percent) on the season with 17 games closing pick-’em (the favorites usually win around 59 percent, so the favorites are still way ahead of that pace). Home teams lead just 479-448 (51.7 percent, but generally closer to 54 percent) Unders improved to 456-426-43 (51.7 percent).

NHL: We haven’t had an NHL playoff game since Saturday, but with the Stanley Cup Finals starting on Wednesday, let’s post the NHL betting trends. The favorites finished 8-2 in the conference final round and now lead 55-28 overall. Home teams went 7-3 in the round and are now 51-32 overall. Unders went 7-3 in the round (5-1 in the Lightning-Rangers series), while Overs still leads 43-38-2 (53.1 percent) overall.

NBA: The Association is also on a three-day break, but here are the betting stats heading into Game 6 on Thursday. The favorites lead 3-2 SU and ATS so far in the Finals and lead 57-29 SU and 50-36 ATS (58.1 percent) overall. Home teams also lead 3-2 SU and ATS in this series, 52-34 SU and 45-41 ATS (52.3 percent) overall. The Zig-Zig fell to 3-1 ATS in this round with no coverage from the Celtics in Game 5 after the Zig-Zag won for the first time in this series, falling to 40-31 ATS (56.3 per cent) in general. Unders leads 3-2 in Finals, 51-35 (59.3 percent) overall.

Wednesday Takes Lightning +155 Series Price vs. Avalanche: I said this on “The Lookahead” on Sunday night and already posted it in this column here on Monday and Tuesday. We’re not sure if the Avalanche will have traces of rust after the long break, but we’re counting on the two-time defending champions to steal at least one of the first two games (Wednesday and Saturday) in Colorado behind Andrei Vasilevskiy’s goal. This won’t cash Wednesday, but I guess I should add Lightning +140 in Game 1 as our best play of the day for record-keeping purposes.

MLB Dogs: As I mentioned in the introduction (and in the summary section), the favorites continue to make it difficult to find live dogs in MLB every day. Wednesday doesn’t look too promising, as it should be pretty grizzled again, but it looks like our best chances are with the Mariners +120 against the Twins and the Padres +105 against the Cubs. Good luck today (and every day!).

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