Was the Netflix show scripted?

Adak Island Pirate Gold is an eight-part reality docuseries released on Netflix. Follow the expedition team that is called to search for hidden treasure on Adak Island, Alaska. Each episode is approximately 25 minutes to 34 minutes long respectively. The expedition team includes Dr. M Jackson, Burke Mitchell, Jay Toomoth, Brian Weed, and the island’s mayor, Thom Spitler.

In 1892, a pirate named Gregory Dwargstaf hid $365 million worth of gold coins in 150 cans of food and milk on the island of Adak. He was on the run from government officials and discovered that the isolated island was the best place to hide his treasure. But he died before he could return to find him.

In World War II, the United States used the island as a base to attack Japan. During construction of the base in 1943, a worker found a tin of gold coins from the 1880s and 1890s worth thousands of dollars. Later in 1959, another can with $2.5 million worth of gold was found by a Seabee while building a drain.

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Is It Written Pirate Gold Of Adak Island?

The docuseries is labeled as a reality show on Netflix and it’s evident in the style of presentation, which includes separate narration and interviews from the cast of the expedition to headline the series. Some interviews were filmed in Los Angeles in 2021, so essentially the cast remembers what they saw and felt when they were out in the field on Adak Island.

That’s why many times your comments can feel scripted or a bit over the top compared to the events happening on screen. Since the interviews were filmed later, there is a definite chance that the production team will weigh in on what they should say that will line up with their compiled and edited narrative arc.

Second, there are some close-ups of the things they found, like the spears or the gold coin, for example. When the team is digging, the camera can be placed at a distance only, so it doesn’t get in the way of your work. This is why they cannot have a clear view of the things in their hand when they take them out. But they are shown in a close-up right after, which is filmed a little later to clearly show the audience.

Still from Pirate Gold of Adak Island

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That could explain why the gold coin looks minted, even though it was buried in a can underground. The production team also cleaned it up a bit before filming it on their hands. Furthermore, gold is the least reactive metal of all, it does not tarnish or oxidize as it does not react to oxygen. Most gold today is mixed with alloys, which is why they darken over time.

So if the treasure is from the 19th century, it is most likely pure gold which will remain the same, unless mixed. One of the popular opinions from the audience was that the expedition team first posited that Gregory Dwargstaf must have buried the treasure near the places where he anchored his ship. But later in the episodes, they go anywhere they find clues about the treasure.

He’s contradicting his own expert opinion, but when you’re faced with failure at every point, I won’t blame the team for looking for any little clue no matter where it leads, as long as they find something substantial. Like his expedition to Lake Betty, to find what the dead army personnel were looking for.

Still from Pirate Gold of Adak Island

Final Thoughts: Written or Not?

Adak Island Pirate Gold on Netflix it cannot be called a scripted show as the presence of the treasure on the island has been a well known fact/theory. Is the show edited in a way to create an interesting story? Yes. But it’s not just these docuseries, every piece of content, whether fiction or non-fiction, is built from the ground up on the editing table, which will be entertaining to watch.

Not all the scenes you see are filmed at the same time, sometimes two scenes from the same set can be filmed months apart. That’s the job of the film crew, to present something to you in the form of a story. I think the Netflix series is definitely interesting to watch, I mean who doesn’t like crazy pirate stories. But it’s not without some flaws, like the extended episodes with cliffhangers at each ending.

It could have been a six part series if they had removed the unnecessary protocols they had to deal with and the drama surrounding the bomb they found. I guess they were also trying to show and warn the audience, who might be motivated to find treasure after seeing it, how dangerous it could be if they dug in the wrong place.

Adak Island Pirate Gold is streaming on Netflix.

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