What is stopping crypto from going mainstream and Ripple’s Brooks Entwistle in the future of crypto?

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“The deeper the liquidity pools, the faster we can get value in crypto” – Ripple’s Brooks Entwistle

Although institutions are becoming interested in cryptocurrencies, the financial services industry is far from widespread adoption. What would it take for this to happen? Or is the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies still a decade away?

Much of the growing pains facing the digital asset industry now are part of the industry maturing and building for the long term.

However, before mass adoption becomes a reality, the crypto industry needs to address specific hurdles to give people the security they seek.

Speaking at Tearsheet’s inaugural Bankchain Conference 2022, Brooks Entwistle, SVP of Global Client Success and Managing Director for APAC and MENA at Ripple, explained how liquidity is one of the crucial factors in determining the health of a market. Low liquidity levels make it difficult to execute trades without causing a significant price impact – this is where companies like Ripple operate.

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1. The future of payments is open

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2. The fintech gender gap
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