Why it increased more than 60% today

  • Regis Corporation (NYSE: RGS) stock price rose more than 60% before trading today. This is why.

Regis Corporation (NYSE: RGS) stock price rose more than 60% before trading today. Investors are responding positively to Zenoti, the leading technology provider for beauty, wellness and fitness businesses, by announcing that they have partnered with Regis, a leader in the hair care industry. And Zenoti will provide its technology platform and support, the industry’s most comprehensive salon solution, to some of the most recognized hair care brands, including Supercuts, SmartStyle, Cost Cutters, Roosters and First Choice Haircutters with more than 5,000 locations under Regis organization.

Through this partnership, Zenoti will help Regis deliver a modern digital experience to drive engagement with more than three million show visitors each month. Zenoti will also purchase the Opensalon Pro software platform from Regis and onboard all franchisees to the Zenoti platform.

With a technology platform designed for beauty and wellness businesses, Zenoti powers salon and spa brands of all sizes. And businesses get a convenient, innovative consumer experience that extends beyond the visit, opportunities and insights to drive revenue growth, and smart solutions that bring automation and efficiency to all aspects of customer engagement. guests.


“We have always had a goal of providing our franchisees and customers with the best possible experience, improving our operations and driving business growth through improved data and direct marketing capabilities. After participating and evaluating the Zenoti system, it became clear that this platform is the best option to support our more than 600 franchisees.”

“The scale and diversity of business models they support are unmatched in the salon industry and provide the right solution for our franchisees overnight. By partnering with Zenoti, Regis can now fully focus on our core business – hair care services.”

— Matthew Doctor, President and CEO of Regis Corporation

“We have a deep understanding of the specific niche problems beauty and wellness companies face, and how to solve them with technology. Zenoti has tackled almost every issue in the marketplace, putting us in a unique position to support the various business models within the Regis organization. The goal is to simplify operations, but also drive revenue steadily, from improving store sales to helping brands expand to more locations.”

“Our technology enables businesses to better meet and connect with service providers and staff.”

“First, by positioning service providers to make more money through additional services, tips, additional retail sales and more. Second, our business intelligence and automation allow business owners to free up staff from administrative work and give them time to do what they love most: focus on customers and become the best at their craft. We are very excited that thousands of Regis employees can benefit from this. One of the best strategies for building a successful business is to reward employees monetarily and help them feel more satisfied in their roles.”

— Sudheer Koneru, co-founder and CEO of Zenoti

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