Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Coins guide: what they do and how to farm them

JRPGs love to come up with their own terms for just about everything. Currency, spells, abilities, classes – you name it and a JRPG will rename it. In xenoblade chronicles 3, they not only have all those mechanics mentioned above to learn but also two types of currencies. Fortunately, these are not the types that have invaded more predatory games that have one in-game currency and one that you have to spend real money on, but rather a special type that is much harder to come by.

Nopon Coins are not only a rare, but also a very useful coin, which you will want to collect as many of as possible, but are further divided into two sub-types. There are plenty of things to do in xenoblade chronicles 3, and only certain activities will pay with these rare coins. If you want to know everything you can do with Nopon Coins and the best way to farm them on xenoblade chronicles 3take a look at our guide.

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What are Nopon coins for?

A character from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 looks ahead.

Before you go hunting for these special coins, you need to know what you can earn with them. In xenoblade chronicles 3There are two main uses for Nopon Coins: trade them in the Nopon Coin X-Change to directly upgrade your characters, or bypass the material requirements for gem crafting.

To find the Nopon Coin X-Change, you will need to locate a secret trader in the Fornis region. You can find them by going to the east side of the area by the Raptor Perch landmark, where you’ll find a cave. While exploring the cave, you will start a quest called “Thrill of the Hunt” and you will need to overcome some simple puzzles to reach the end of the cave. Once you get to the other side, you can find and interact with the X-Change.

Using coins to upgrade your character is even easier. Enter your character menu and press Y in the class you want to level up.

While you can do a lot with these coins, the best uses are upgrading characters, buying powerful X-Change items, and possibly speeding up gem crafting. Other uses, while not exactly wasteful, are not the best use considering the work you have to put in to get them. At the same time, do not accumulate them. You can only have 99 of any item in the game, and if you get more while full they will automatically be sold for normal gold.

How to get Nopon Coins

A quest log showing rewards.

There are a couple of ways you can get Nopon Coins in xenoblade chronicles 3, but they all take some time. We already mentioned the possibility of finding them simply in chests, but these are the most reliable ways to collect these trinkets.

The first time you encounter a unique monster in the world, you are rewarded with some coins for trying hard to defeat it. These are usually the toughest enemies in the area, so make sure you level up before challenging them. However, this method only works the first time, so you can’t grind them this way.

If you see a skirmish between two monsters while exploring, you will be presented with the option to help one side against the other. One side will always offer you Nopon Coins as a reward, which you obviously have to choose each time. However, these are random occurrences, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Finally, do each and every quest that offers Nopon coins as rewards for completing them. Not all side quests will give them, but all the ones involving Nopons prioritize them whenever you can. Fortunately, you can see what rewards each quest offers in your journal before you do it.

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