Xiran Jay Zhao’s Sci-Fi YA Novel Iron Widow Is Getting a Film Adaptation

We live in a golden age of sci-fi and fantasy adaptations, and it’s about to get even better. Variety reports that Xiran Jay Zhao’s young adult science fiction novel iron widow has been harnessed to become a new movie franchise.

iron widow is Zhao’s debut novel and has made a huge impact since its release in September 2021. The book has spent 41 weeks so far in the New York Times best-seller list, thanks in part to a huge grassroots marketing effort from TikTok’s “BookTok” community, as well as from Zhao himself, who is an active YouTuber whose channel discusses Chinese history and popular media. He has also won several awards, including the 2021 BSFA Award for Best Book for Younger Readers, and was nominated for the Andre Norton Nebula Award for Middle and Young Adult Fiction.

The studio that has acquired the adaptation rights iron widow is Picturestart, which is run by former Lionsgate co-chairman Erik Feig. While at Lionsgate, Feig was involved in bringing to the big screen some of the biggest young adult sci-fi and fantasy films of recent decades, including The Hunger Games, TwilightY Divergent. He will serve as a producer in iron widoww, with JC Lee (bad mood) writing the script.

Xiran Jay Zhao reacts to iron widow adaptation

“I’ve had a little glimpse of JC Lee’s script and I’m SO EXCITED!” Zhao wrote in Twitter. “I can’t thank the book community enough for all the love and support they have given me. iron widow from your first ad. It was a huge word-of-mouth success, beyond even the wildest fantasies he had as an embarrassing novice writer.”

iron widow has been marketed as a mix between Pacific Rim Y The Handmaid’s Tale, with influences from Chinese history. Set in the Huaxia world, the story revolves around giant robots called Chrysalises, which are piloted by a pair of male and female pilots to fight alien mecha. However, female pilots often die due to mental strain, and their energy is drained from them by their male counterparts.

Entering this misogynistic system is Zetian, 18, who offers himself as a “pilot-concubine” to assassinate the ace pilot responsible for the death of his sister. But when Zetian’s revenge comes in the unexpected way of draining the co-pilot from her instead of the other way around, she is branded an “iron widow”, who for some unknown reason can cause the bias system to work in reverse. . She is marked as a danger to her society, but she may actually hold the key to humanity’s survival.

Zhao is hard at work on the second book in the series, and has since published another novel in a different series called Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor. They promised their fans that they will work “very closely” with the film’s production team.

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