Yamaha Releases Updated Power Tuner App For 2023 YZ450F

Yamaha has revealed a vastly updated version of its industry leading Power Tuner app for the new 2023 Yamaha YZ450F which is now available for download on iOS or Android devices. As with previous versions, the free app establishes wireless connectivity between the motorcycle and the user’s smartphone, allowing easy adjustment of air/fuel mixture and ignition timing to fine-tune engine performance based on the user’s needs. preferences of each rider, while providing a wealth of additional motorcycle and environmental data, all conveniently accessible at the user’s fingertips.

Yamaha led the industry with the introduction of the GYTR®Power Tuner in 2009, broke new ground again with the industry’s first Power Tuner smartphone app in 2017, and now is raising the bar once again with this updated version that gives 2023 YZ450F owners more functionality and improved user interface in an even more user-friendly app.

New features include a focus on simplification with an intuitive “Quick Setup” slider bar for quick and easy engine mapping adjustments and helpful new FAQ-style engine and suspension tuning guides to help users riders navigate through the setup options and dial in their preferred power and handling characteristics. . In addition, a new integrated lap timer, new launch and traction control adjustment capabilities and an improved real-time information dashboard monitor display further increase functionality. Taken together, this powerful tuning tool is like your dealer customers having Yamaha factory race support in their pocket.

Simple adjustment with the new quick settings slider

With Yamaha’s new Power Tuner app, owners of the 2023 YZ450F can choose to quickly tweak engine characteristics from mild to aggressive by using the intuitive new quick set slider. This single slider offers seven different power supply options to simplify adjustment. For owners desiring more specialized tuning, the previously available Grid Matrix display for Fuel Injection (FI) and Ignition Timing (IG) allows for a wide range of adjustments based on throttle opening and timing. engine rpm; however, with this updated application, the range of settings for the FI and IG values ​​has increased significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions Style Engine and Suspension Tuning Guides

To further simplify tuning, the app now includes helpful new engine and suspension tuning guides to help users find their ideal setup. The engine tuning section provides an overview and discusses the thought process behind using the FI and IG grid matrix displays to help guide riders to achieve their desired power delivery settings. Suspension guides are developed in partnership with KYB and include recommended settings and solutions for a wide variety of machine conditions and behaviors to help speed the setup process.

Lap timer function

A new lap timer has been added, controlled via the multifunction switch located on the left handlebar. After each ride, the lap time data recorded in the motorcycle’s ECU can be verified through the app, allowing the user to better track the effects of setting changes through lap-by-lap analysis.


Traction and launch control adjustment

The YZ450F’s newly adopted traction control system offers three settings (LOW, HIGH, OFF) selectable via the Power Tuner app. New rev limit feature added to existing launch control system can be set in 500rpm increments for optimal launches when gate drops.

Improved real-time dashboard monitor

The smartphone monitoring functionality of the new app has also been expanded. In addition to previously available features such as race logging and engine diagnostics, an enhanced real-time monitoring display shows motorcycle speed, throttle position, engine rpm, fuel consumption, temperature coolant temperature, intake air temperature, battery voltage, smartphone battery level and current. weather.

The new Yamaha Power Tuner app retains all the features of the previous version, including the ability to download/share maps, diagnostic functions, and programmable reminders. It includes three preloaded engine maps, and the rider can make an on-the-fly selection between two designated maps using the motorcycle’s push-button handlebar toggle switch. The new app is compatible with other Yamaha models that have the Yamaha Power app; however, some of the new features are exclusive to the 2023 YZ450F. The app is free on Google Play or the App Store and is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian and Japanese.

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